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A Captive Soul

Window to Reality II: Chapter 6

Sorry for the delay. I had trouble figure out where to go until some events in WoW spurred me on. Chapter 7 is coming soon.

Previously on Window to Reality II...
Chapter 1: Never tell a bear that you are bored.
Chapter 2: War is 5% action and 95% sitting on your butt.
Chapter 3: Never ask for help jumping off a bridge.
Chapter 4: It is possible to win an argument with a woman... but beware the consequences.
Chapter 5: It is unwise to get between a healer and her rat.

Chapter 6: "Bring your friends to Azeroth, but remember to go out of Azeroth with them as well."

Prince was down. As in dead. X's over the eyes dead. Pick up your relics and badges dead. Dead.

Not that this was an uncharacteristic feat for us. But the fact that we had managed to conquer the Karazhan citadel in a single night left us all tired but feeling very satisfied. I remembered when it took us three nights to defeat all the bosses.

"So, since we're free on Sunday," Pent suggested, "how about we hit up Zul'Aman?"

"I'm always up for ZA," Syl replied, "But I can't on Sunday. I have plans. I'm really sorry, guys."

"Hey, don't apologize. Real life always comes before Warcraft."

I frowned. "But Warcraft is our life."

There were a couple chuckles and Kak replied, "Touche."

The conversation wandered off as we all hearthed out of Kara, but the conversation continued to bug me. The more I thought about it, the more I remembered times when my friends and guild mates had disappeared abruptly or been unable to join festivities or dungeon runs for reasons I did not understand. I had never worried about it before – it's not my business after all. But now... there was something new about it, something that left me with the distinct impression that I was missing something very important.

* * *

Hey, Kel?

I was flying over the Skettis village, dropping bombs into their nests of mutated eggs when Sausage whispered me a few days later.

Yeah? I replied, spotting a bird just as it spotted me and veering off out of it's intercept course.

Whatcha doin'?

I couldn't help a laugh. That was so Sausage. Just my dailies. What's up?

Come meet me in Ironforge, Sausage suggested. There's something I want to show you.

I didn't have anything better to do, so I headed back to Shattrath when I finished my daily bombing mission, then ported to the dwarven city of Ironforge. I met up with Sausage at the front gate and found her mounted, her tall horse as translucent purple as she was in her preferred shadowform.

"Come on, we've got a bit of a ride."

I mounted up and followed out of the gates and down the narrow mountain pass to Dun Morogh. Once at the bottom of the mountain, we headed east and then north through the mountain passes into Loch Modan. Before we reached the lake area, however, Sausage veered off the road and into a very steep and narrow climb. It took us both almost 10 minutes to complete the climb in our long robes and a couple of times I wondered if climbing this part of the mountain was even possible. But eventually the area leveled off into a vast snowfield high above Ironforge. As we mounted up again, I eyed a couple spots to my right where the snow just disappeared into large triangular patches of muted brown.

"What's up there?" I asked, frowning.

Sausage shrugged. "Blizzard didn't finish coding it."

I blinked. And I considered Sausage's words carefully. The only way I could make any sense was to translate what she said as "The blizzard didn't finish coating it."

"How does snow miss such a sharp triangle of land, though?" I asked.

In response, Sausage turned and looked at me like I had just sprouted 2 more horns.
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