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World of Warcraft

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1/7/06 03:20 pm - souldreamer - Window to Reality

Previously on Window to Reality:

Chapters 1-5
Chapters 6-8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11

Window to Reality, Chapter 12: Unexpected AlliesCollapse )

Window to Reality, Chapter 13: Down to BusinessCollapse )

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11/16/05 10:29 pm - souldreamer - Window to Reality, Chapter 11

This story is taking way more chapters than I had originally planned! Oh, well. Here's the next one!

Previously on Window to Reality:
Chapters 1-5
Chapters 6-8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

Window to Reality, Chapter 11: State of the EnemyCollapse )

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11/16/05 10:26 am - souldreamer - Window to Reality, Chapter 10

I promised more! This is a much longer chapter, but you all earned it! Hope you enjoy it!

Previously on Window to Reality:
Chapters 1-5
Chapters 6-8
Chapter 9

Window to Reality, Chapter 10: The King's QuestCollapse )

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11/15/05 10:02 pm - souldreamer - Window to Reality, Chapter 9

I apologize if anyone finds the language in this chapter offensive. This is a very short chapter, written before bedtime. Hopefully more will be written tomorrow. :)

Chapters 1-5 can be found here and chapters 6-8 can be found here.

Last week on Window to Reality...
"Hmm..." Varian Wrynn studied me thoroughly for a long minute, then he inspected Vrand, Tori and Brecki. Finally, he said. "So. The patch worked."

Window to Reality, Chapter 9: Phone HomeCollapse )

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11/6/05 09:28 am - aidenicephoenix

Yeah, so, on the spark of starting this new community, I started a new multi-sectional story. I wrote the prologue last night (While playing! Talented). Its not long, but its a start.

The Eyes of Night: PrologueCollapse )

11/5/05 06:54 pm - aidenicephoenix

For my Writing 101 class, I have to keep a notebook journal and throughout the semester, write 70 pages worth of entries. Because of this, much fanfiction is created. :D This is a ficlet from one of my journal entries.

Untitled Corryn FicletCollapse )

11/5/05 02:10 pm - souldreamer - Window to Reality, Chapters 6 & 7

New chapters! Hope you enjoy them! I'll keep writing!

For Chapters 1-5, check out my post Here!

Note: In Chapter 6, there is some discussion on the history of Theramore. I'm really clueless to the actual history of Azeroth, so could you ladies and gentlemen please advise here? Did I totally get it wrong?

Window to Reality, Chapter 6: Two Ladies and a Missing DiplomatCollapse )

Window to Reality, Chapter 7: Alcaz IslandCollapse )

And... I apparently was not done writing... so here's chapter 8!

Window to Reality, Chapter 8: The Guild RunCollapse )

Note: I am stuck at work for another 2 hours and may write some more. I don't want to clog up more entries, so if I do, I'll just edit this post and add them on. Sorry if this is confusing, I just didn't want to keep posting, and I keep writing more after I think I'm done. In 2 hours, I'm off work and at home, so it will be my final edit, I promise!

11/5/05 10:03 am - souldreamer - Window to Reality, Chapters 1-5

Most of you ladies at wow_ladies have already seen this, of course. Hopefully we'll get some new people in from other places, though! So, here's what I have so far. More shall be written today, I promise!

Window to Reality, Chapter 1: The PatchCollapse )

Window to Reality, Chapter 2: Welcome to AzerothCollapse )

Window to Reality, Chapter 3: Sisters of FateCollapse )

Window to Reality, Chapter 4: Li'l Timmy's LetterCollapse )

Window to Reality, Chapter 5: Meeting the KingCollapse )

And, of course, R&R is much appreciated!

11/5/05 09:39 am - aidenicephoenix - First Entry on 'Pen and Sword'

Okay, so I got this up and running thismorning and I hope you guys like it. You can start posting your Warcraft fanfiction whenever you so desire. :D

When I was customizing the look of the community, notice that this layout has all kinds of neat stuff you can do with background images. So, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a screenshot contest to start off the community's existance. The winner will have his or her screenshot made the background to 'WoW' the community up a bit. :p

Let me know what you guys think! Also, on the user info page, I made an "About us" and "Rules" section. I'd appreciate it if you check those out before you begin posting. Thanks. :D
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